The attorney general's brief


13 Фев 2007

The attorney general's brief, filed Tuesday with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, cited the utility's failure to identify the severity of the storms before they hit, and failure to communicate properly with local public safety officials. NSTAR responded slowly to downed wires, creating a dangerous public safety situation, Coakley said."NSTAR's preparation for these storms was woefully inadequate and much of the power loss suffered by hundreds of thousands of customers could have been avoided," Coakley said.The utility disputed Coakley's claims, saying in a statement that it was proud of their employees' response to the storms."We disagree with the Attorney General's recommendation given the physical challenges of rebuilding and restoring the electric system following a natural disaster," said Werner Schweiger, president of NSTAR Electric. «We hope that the DPU will make its final decision based on established standards and actual performance.»The call for fines comes weeks after Connecticut regulators filed their final statements regarding Connecticut Light Power's response to the same two storms.On Friday, two Connecticut unions cited Coakley's remarks about staffing levels to boost their argument for more line workers as they negotiate their contract with CL Fernandes, business manager for Local 457 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said that Northeast Utilities CEO Thomas May, who led NSTAR during the storms, refused to adequately staff line crews in Massachusetts and now is trying to keep staffing levels low in Connecticut.

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The Southdown Estates division


13 Фев 2007

The Southdown Estates division consists of over three tea estates in the picturesque Chipinge and Chimanimani areas of Zimbabwe with over 1,200 hectares of tea, approximately 60 hectares of bananas and over 450 hectares of macadamia nuts. The Southdown Estates division is engaged in growing and manufacturing of tea, macadamia nuts, avocados, potatoes and bananas. The Southdown Estates division is also involved in the packaging of tea for the domestic market.

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