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As per the regulations, an aircraft must have sufficient fuel for hovering for 30 40 minutes after reaching its destination, or to reach the nearest diversionary airport," Sinha said.The minister assured the upper House that a probe will be conducted and its report tabled.Budget passenger carrier IndiGo also rebutted the allegations asserting its flight 6E 342 made a normal landing at the Kolkata airport on Wednesday night and the fuel on arrival was more than the required minimum diversion fuel."The flight was kept on hold for landing due to air traffic congestion at Kolkata. The pilot had advised the ATC that he has eight minutes of extra holding fuel over Kolkata (destination) before commencing diversion to the planned alternate," the airline said in a statement."However, this information was misunderstood by the ATC, who assumed that the aircraft had only eight minutes of total fuel left. The misinterpretation of the information by ATC controller led ATC to instruct fire engines and ambulances to be stationed at the Kolkata airport."«We would like to clarify that IndiGo Captain at no stage declared a fuel priority or an emergency and there has been no violation or breach of any regulatory requirement in the above mentioned scenario,» the statement added.While airport officials said such developments are normal and everyday affair in aviation, the Trinamool alleged a conspiracy.

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