If you feel the deal is worth the money, go for it


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Cheap Prada Psy's ode to avarice and excess, online.In a city where super high rents have been criticised as killing vibrancy, the claimed eviction of artists who hang their works at Takeout Drawing has struck a nerve.It is claimed that 10 lawsuits have been exchanged between the coffee house and their YouTube star landlord. Psy reportedly bought the six floor building in central Seoul in 2012 and wants to evict the artists based on a 2011 court ruling that ordered them to leave by the end of 2013.Psy, however, faces emotional outbursts from those who accuse him, as an enormously wealthy artist, of failing to help those less fortunate. Everyone knows Psy is the owner of the building.Choi So Yeon, who has the title of «CEO» of Takeout Drawing, said Cheap Prada.

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