It's important to note that, although a given DNA strand is


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canada goose clearance At the top of my diagram is the AND gate in its default state: both inputs are 0, as there is no input yet! RNA polymerase (purple blob) is unable to move past the two transcriptional terminators («STOP») that together compose the AND gate. When both recombinases are expressed (input: 1,1), the two forward pointing terminators are flipped independently into reverse orientation. In this new orientation the terminators are unable to block RNA polymerase, and transcription proceeds all the way through the GFP gene. The transcript is then translated into GFP protein. Then they tested how predictably they behaved, and how «digital» they were. It's important to note that, although a given DNA strand is completely digital (present or absent, forward or reverse), each cell has many plasmids carrying the logic gates, and a large population of cells must be sampled in order to perform the experiment. In addition, expression of the recombinases is under control of inducers, and so the rate of recombination depends somewhat on the concentration of inducer. canada goose clearance

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