Santos' defense has asked the judge to rule on whether police


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hermes replica July 14, 2004By THOMAS D.That man, Robbie T. Santos, 32, of Waterbury, is on trial in Superior Court, charged with attempting to kill Derek Hopson.April Francks, 24, of Middletown, said Tuesday that Santos' black wind pants taken from him after his arrest and shown to her in court did not appear Replica Hermes to be the pants worn by the man she saw running.That man was wearing dark gray cotton sweat pants, an unzipped charcoal gray sweat shirt with the hood up and a T shirt, she said.She said the running man bumped a little boy who was standing next to his father, Michael Shepherd. Francks testified the child told them he saw the running man carrying a revolver.Shepherd's earlier testimony that he saw the Replica Hermes Birkin man running with a gun and dressed differently from Santos has become an issue in the trial.Santos' defense has asked the judge to rule on whether police failed to provide them a report of Shepherd's account before the trial started. hermes replica

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