The City of Open Skies holds an amazing blend of traditions


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Canada Goose Jackets The tourists absolutely love to see the prized white Rhinoceros in the reserve while engulfing in the sheer beauty of nature around them. Another captivating tourist attraction in the renowned city is known as Bulawayo Amphitheatre. The City of Open Skies holds an amazing blend of traditions and vibrant cultures that come to life in its own theater. Bulawayo Amphitheatre hosts a variety of theatrical stage shows and live music every week. A tourist can fall in love with the celebration of dramatic arts, beautiful dances, entertaining musical events and the popular local festivals. A number of famous international performers have taken part in performing at this amphitheater as well. To experience the majestic place, it is always recommended for you to take your earlybird flights to Bulawayo Canada Goose Jackets.

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