Urinary incontinence can also take an emotional toll


I have a VAIO VGN A270B which I have bought in 2004 for a LOT of money. This laptop indeed has nothing special but the bright, lovely 17" screen which has died 2 days ago. My symptoms are pretty much the same. Mimo provides parents and caregivers with an insight hub (via the companion iOS or Android app) for baby as they sleep. Mimo wirelessly sends the baby's breathing, body position, skin temperature and sleep quality via low energy Bluetooth to a smart device along with live audio. Parents can share the information with as many caregivers (nannies, babysitters or family members) as they like.

Urinary incontinence can also take an emotional toll. Embarrassment associated with the condition can lead to social withdrawal, depression, anxiety and even sexual dysfunction. One study found that women with severe urinary incontinence were 80 percent more likely to experience significant depression, compared with women who weren't incontinent.

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